We wanted to take a moment to connect with you during this surreal time. We're thinking of you and want you to stay in touch.
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Hi there,

Like many of you, Beppe and I have been in a state of shock as the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Our first thoughts are for our family, friends and staff in Italy and we have been in constant contact with them while we remain here in the USA for longer than planned. They are all well and they are adhering to the strict measures in place to slow to rate of spread.

We’ve asked them to share with us any thoughts, feelings or ways they are coping and we’ve been posting their responses on our Facebook and Instagram if you want to check in.

Now our thoughts are turning to you, because no matter where you are or what you do, we are all impacted. In this time of social distancing and isolation, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Please know we are thinking of you, and we are here if you feel the need to vent or share your feelings.

In the midst of all of the fear and uncertainty it has been uplifting to see Italians create and share music with one another. They are also united and tackling this problem together as a nation. For those of us in North America, we are not far behind the situation in Italy and we can learn from them how to cope. Take a break from the news. Check in on you family, friends and neighbors. Create music, poetry and art.

To all of you in the medical field, thank you for all you are doing and for what you will do in the coming months.

To all of you in other essential fields (keeping our public works running, our shelves stocked, our mail coming, and everything else I am not listing), thank you for working while the rest of us stay home.

To all of you in hard-hit industries, we feel you and know what you are going through. We’ll do what we can to support you.

To everyone, thank you for following the guidelines on social distancing and any other rules that are imposed to fight the virus. We are all doing our part to flatten the curve and ensure the health and safety of our most vulnerable.

We will get through this, and when we do Italy is ready to welcome you with open arms. Your local restaurants, bars, gyms and other gathering places are as well.

As they’re saying in Italy now, “tutto andrà bene.” Everything will be ok.

With love,

Heather and Beppe