We are very happy that you are considering this trip in Emilia Romagna, Italy, with World Bicycle Relief!

This page acts as a guide with reminders and general information. No doubt other things will pop up so please send us an email if you are still unsure about anything. 



How do I book?

You simply Reserve Your Spot on the website and tell us how many people you are booking for.

How do I fulfill my fundraising pledge for my participation?

This trip is about creating a real impact in the field through our partner, World Bicycle Relief. Each rider/fundraiser will be required to raise a minimum of USD 1,400 before the start of the trip. World Bicycle Relief will provide you with a fundraising page and support to help you achieve your goal while you use your voice to reach out to your community. All participants that raise enough for 20 bikes (about USD 3,000) will be top fundraisers and will be recognized on a special night during the tour.

How do I pay?

You will receive a confirmation email from us with a link pay a USD 500 deposit. The deposit can be paid online via credit card (Tourissimo does not see or store credit card info), by bank wire transfer, or by check. 

 Payments are as follows:

  • At booking USD 500; 
  • Balance due 90 days prior to departure.

90 days before your scheduled departure you will be reminded to pay the balance. If you book within 90 days of the departure, you shall pay in full. 

Where can I read the full Terms and Conditions?

Follow this link to read the full T&C.

Getting There

Which airport should I use?

Bologna (BLQ)

Where does the tour start?

We will start at Passo del Cerreto (1,261 mt – 4,137 ft), which is a mountain pass between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany in the province of Reggio Emilia. 

Albergo Passo del Cerreto
SS 63 Passo del Cerreto

  1. +39 0585 949666
    Web: http://www.passodelcerreto.it/
    Mail: info@passodelcerreto.it

How do we get from the airport to the first Hotel?

This is NOT included in your tour package. You need to organize your own transport (for you and your bike). Alternatively, you can purchase an airport transfer package in the booking form. This includes transport for you and your bike from the Bologna airport to the first Hotel. 
Please note that if you have purchased a pre-night package in Bologna, your transport is included in your package (you won’t need to make your way from the airport).

How many nights accommodations are included in my tour package?

Seven nights are included from the night of May 18th  (Saturday) up to May 24th  (Friday); therefore, the last checkout is May 25th (Saturday). You can book pre- and post-nights via the online booking form.

What kind of accommodations do you provide?

It's a mix of mountain huts (rifugio) and hotels. One of the hotels is in Porretta Terme, a thermal water village, and it has its own thermal water spa. The entrance is included in the tour price. Some nights are in 2/3/4 person rooms - (unless you book a private room). In a nutshell, accommodations range from simple places in the mountains to 4-star hotels with spas. As with all of our trips we aim to use locally-owned accommodations that showcase the style and hospitality of the area you are visiting.

Rides, Rental Bikes, Pedals, Helmets

We’ll spend some time on the first day to tune the rental bikes to your liking. After the first ‘getting to know your bike ride’ you can request more fine-tuning.

Our bikes will come with flat pedals. If you have your own pedals and you are ok taking them off your bike, you should bring them with you and we will fit them to the bike on the first day. We recommend that you also bring your own helmet; if you need a loaner, indicate that on the booking form (you are required to wear a helmet). We will provide you with a large water bottle, a spare tube, and tire levers. To inflate we provide a CO2 cartridge and adapter, or a mini pump. Guides will be reasonably close by to assist you should you have a mechanical issue. The rides are escorted but there’s no sag wagon that’s always around.

We will leave every morning at 9 am sharp and we plan to be back between 2 pm and 3 pm. On some days there will be two ride distances to choose from.  You should expect 4 to 5 hrs on the saddle each day.


The Appenninica is a demanding MTB tour and the terrain is exactly what you might expect from one of Europe’s major mountain ranges. The route includes numerous serious climbs. Two or more significant climbs a day is not uncommon and many will include steep sections. Trail surfaces vary and can become more challenging with bad weather. You should be a confident bike handler to fully enjoy the descents. There will be plenty of single track and some hike-a-bike sections. That said, you do not need to be an elite athlete to join and the tour is fully supported with guides and support vehicle. Riding just up to lunch or taking a rest day are both valid options. If you are unsure about your ability to successfully carry out the tour, please give us a call. 


We’ll have a Queen stage of about 80 km (50 mls) and 2600 mt of elevation gain (8,500 ft). A shorter option will also be available. On that day, we will depart at 8 am sharp. Time on the saddle will be around 7 hrs.


We change location each day but ones. You will have to pack and check out, then just enjoy the riding. Your bags will be ready for you at the next hotel. There will also be an optional rest day at the thermal water village of Porretta Terme.


Mountain bike brands and models will be announced soon. TBA


Your tour package includes transportation of the bike case from the first to the last hotel. The bike cases (with any of your belongings inside) will need to be checked in with the logistics manager after the first ride. All items will be securely stored for the duration of the tour. You will not have access to the bike case before the end of the tour; an additional transport fee may apply should you drop out of the tour and you wish to have you case sooner.

Pre- and Post-Nights

How do I book a pre- or post-tour night package?

If you plan to arrive earlier or to extend your stay, you can book any pre/post-tour nights on the booking form. In terms of invoicing, we would add any additional nights to your final tour invoice. 

Pre- and post-nights can be booked starting in January at our preferential rates.  Those Premium Packages include the group transfers.


How do I make it back to Bologna? 

If you have purchased a post-night package or an airport transfer package, the transport back to the airport is included. If not, you will need to organize your own transport back to the Bologna airport.

On the last day, you will be taken from the last hotel to the airport in Bologna after breakfast. We take into consideration everyone's flight schedule to optimize logistics while minimizing riders' wait time. Everyone will get to the airport with time to spare, but some people might have a longer wait.

What to Bring

What should I bring?

This is a section that we could spend an age on but we think that packing is such a subjective thing that it really isn’t worth it. What we will say is that the nature of the tour is such that you will want plenty of bike gear.

In terms of evening wear, there is nowhere that we go that has a dress code and casual wear is the order of the day. Do bring warm clothes for the evenings. Some hotels have pools and spas and there are also nearby lakes for swimming. 


How much stuff can I bring?

Your allowable baggage is one main piece of luggage per person other than your bike case (if any) and a small day bag. Your main luggage should preferably be either a backpack or a sports bag. The day bag may be useful for carrying your additional outer-layer clothing and snacks while cycling. The day bag is not a substitute for your Camelback™ filled with at least 2 lt or 0.4 GAL of water.  Your main piece of luggage will be inaccessible during the day, but you will have access to your day bag at regroup points and water stations.

The day bag will also be useful as your travel bag for items such as cameras and other electronics.

What about flying with my bike?

You have two options: carry the bike with you on the plane or use a specific - and hassle-free - shipping service such as BikeFlights.com. Check with your airline and compare. It’s customary for airlines to charge between 100 to 200 $ each way for a bike case. Some airlines will waive that fee depending on your frequent flyer status.


Rooming Options


You can travel solo of course and there is no need to share a room. The tour is priced for double occupancy, and to have a private room you’ll have to pay a surcharge. 


Your own private room for the duration of the tour amounts to an additional USD 500.


We charge more to individual travelers who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout the Appenninica weeklong tour. If you notify us at the time of booking that you are willing to share a room, we will try our best to fulfill this request. In event that we are unable find a roommate you will be liable to pay the private room charge.


On day one, May 18th (Saturday), the guides and drivers will know, based on the info you entered in the booking details, when you are supposed to arrive and they will arrange to meet you at arrivals at Bologna airport (ground level). They will be there with an Appenninica MTB welcome sign.

Since riders will arrive on different flights, we will take into consideration everyone's flight schedule to optimize logistics while minimizing riders’ wait time. We don't have all of the travel plans yet. As soon as we do, we will email the exact pickup times.

That said, one transfer will be leaving at 12 pm and another will be scheduled between 1 pm and 3 pm.

If possible, plan to be ready at the airport at 12 pm on May 18th. The drive from the airport to Passo del Cerreto is 2 hrs and 15 min.

If you booked a pre-night package, you will be picked-up at 11:00 am at the hotel.

On the first day you will check in, assemble your bikes (or meet your rental bikes), and go for a guided ride. Welcome cocktails and presentations will precede dinner. 

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

What about the meals?

One of the most satisfying aspects of visiting Italy is the chance to explore its rich culinary history. In that sense, Emilia Romagna has some of the best food in the country.

Our accommodations come with breakfast included.  As some of you may be aware, the continental breakfast is not always the most filling. We try to account for this by keeping plenty of snacks and dried fruit – and water of course - at the start of the stage and we plan a minimum of two stops to refuel each day (on top of lunch).

On the lunch front, Appenninica will organize picnics or provide lunch sacks. On this special edition tour, all lunches and all dinners are included.

Dinners will be great and will showcase the best recipes of the area including lots of pasta. They will typically be 3 courses with a set menu. We try to eat at 7-7:30 pm to give us plenty of time to socialize and for our beauty sleep.

Do you cater to special dietary needs?

Yes, we do. Please enter any food allergies or dietary preferences on the booking form.


Do I have to pay aside for wine and drinks?

Local wine and water are included with dinner. Beer and soft drinks will be charged to the rider.

What’s the weather going to be like?

Mountain weather is notoriously changeable and while we have scheduled Appenninica to coincide with and make the most of the summer season we have to plan for every eventuality. To learn more, follow the average temperature and precipitation probability link.

Premium Packages

Which additional services are available and how can I book them?

You can book additional services – Premium Packages – on your online booking form. Please have a look to the tour description for Premium Packages and prices. Certain products will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. All Premium Package sales will close 30 days before tour departure (April 18th)*. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about availability or to be added to a waiting list.

*Private room requests should be made at time of booking.

Can we purchase a Bike Service package as an optional extra?

We do sell a bike service package and this is what it includes:

  • 6 Bike washes
  • 6 Basic services (gears, brakes, headset, wheels, bearings, frame inspection)
  • 3 Suspension checks (pressure and sag)
  • Any and all labor during the 7 days
  • All Tubeless sealant top-ups and tire pressure check

GPS tracks

Can I get GPS tracks for the rides?

If you bring your own GPS device, you’ll be able to upload the rides. GPS files will not be available prior to May 2019.


We will provide you with the guides’ in-country phone numbers, and of course, you should save the hotel numbers on your phone. To call the guides in Italy with a non-Italian phone dial the country code +39. Don’t forget the adapters for your chargers. If you do not have an international plan, beware of data roaming charges. 


The area you will travel through is very well connected and there are only a handful of places where we will pass where you won’t be able to get online. Some of the hotels offer WiFi free of charge and we will have a WiFi portable router as well.


It would be wise to consider getting coverage should you have to cancel or should your trip be interrupted. As is standard with MTB bike tours, we also require you to sign a risk waiver before the tour starts. Many believe that these waivers are not worth the paper they are written on but they are an important acknowledgment of the risks that are involved with going on such a vacation. 

What if I am unable to join Appenninica? Can I get a refund or do a transfer to another rider?

If you are unable to join the tour, the cancellation fees are as follows.

Days Prior to Departure

  • 91+ Admin fee – 250 USD (per booking)
  • 61-90 Tour deposit
  • 31-60 50% of tour price
  • 0-30 100% of tour price

For reservations canceled with at least 91 days advance notice, we will apply your cancellation penalties to a future reservation, questions asked. This credit will never expire. You can transfer your booking to another rider without penalties.