Equipment for Cycling Tours 

On a Plus Tour all of the equipment is included

Our Bikes

The carbon road bike is the Bianchi Intenso with Shimano 105 11 speed groupset. The wheelset is a reliable and fashionable Fulcrum Racing Sport outfitted with fast rolling 25mm Vittoria tires. 


The Bianchi Intenso is a workhorse that can surprise even the most experienced riders with its climbing capabilities. We consider this model perfect for fast cycle tourism. The longer headtube allows for a comfortable position with the upper body more upright than on other road bikes on the market. If you are interested in its geometry click this link for the chart. 

For hybrid bikes we offer the Bianchi Via Nirone 7 S-Sport, a bike with a light aluminum frame and straight handlebars.  It runs on 28mm tires and the groupset is a reliable Shimano Sora 18 speed.


Bike Model Frame material Lowest gear Tire size Wheel size Brakes
Bianchi Intenso Carbon 34 x 32 (up to 34 x 36 upon request) 25mm 28" Rim
Bianchi Via Nirone Aluminum 34 x 32 28mm  28" Rim
Actual models can vary upon availability  


E-Bikes have an electric motor built in that makes pedaling way easier, however not effortless. With an E-Bike you can cover more distance per day with the same effort. Climbing becomes more accessible as the engine helps the rider overcome gravity. The aspect that makes them valuable for our tours: they can balance out two cyclists with varying fitness or abilities.

From 2018 on, we decided to outfit our bikes with an E-Wheel. What we’ve found is the FreeDuck, an electronic wheel that contains all of the parts and power inside the hub of the wheel.  Made in Italy by the Electronic division Ducati (the motorcycle company), it is sleek, stylish and powerful!  It quickly and easily turns any of our Bianchi hybrids into an E-bike and while it’s still heavier than a standard wheel, it’s not nearly as hefty as a traditional E-bike.  It looks nicer, too. Upon booking a tour, you can request to rent the E-Wheel. We apply a $95 rental fee for this upgrade. 

 Read this blog article on our E-Wheel testing.



Tourissimo's bikes come equipped with

  • New Garmin Edge 820 Explorer GPS
  • Water bottle cage
  • Elite water bottle (25 oz)
  • Saddle bag with spare tube, tire levers, and CO2 cartidge (or pump upon request)
  • Light handlebar bag
  • Lock (optional)


We offer helmets that are thoroughly disinfected after each tour, and replaced every other year. However, we recommend that you bring your own to make sure that the fit is just right. Loaner helmets must be requested at the time of booking. 


Our bikes come equipped with flat pedals that can also be outfitted with plastic toe cages.  We also offer SPD (Shimano mountain bike) pedals.  If you use clip in pedals, please feel free to bring your own with you.


Some riders prefer to bring their own seat on tour as well. That is fine, but not necessary by any means. We don't want to open the Pandora's box of saddles and chamois here, but we provide gel seat covers upon request that will make for a more comfy ride.

Garmin GPS 

We will outfit each bike with the new Garmin Edge 820 Explore. We chose to invest in this model after a year with the Garmin Edge Touring mainly because its new display overcomes a readability issues with the older model. Interested in GPS navigation? Read our blog article.

Of course feel free to bring your own GPS device and we will provide you with the GPS tracks. Just remember the handlebar mount as well. 

Your tour leaders are going to dial your equipment in to achieve the right fit. They will also take care of your pedals and seats for you. They will of course instruct you on how to operate your Garmin.