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PLUS Tours - A Partnership between Tourissimo and Ride & Seek

PLUS Tours is a collaboration between
Tourissimo and our friends at Ride and Seek.  

Ride and Seek is owned by Dylan Reynolds, and he and Beppe first worked together on tour back in 2001. Since then, they’ve both built successful companies that offer cycling tours in Italy.  

While Tourissimo focuses on mostly weeklong cultural cycling trips, Ride and Seek offers epic cycling adventures that follow historic routes in Europe.  

We’ve combined our expertise and strengths to come up with a line of tours that offers the best of both worlds. 


PLUS Tours are weeklong adventures that focus on cycling, history and culture.  They’ll include guides from either company who are experts in the areas where the tours are focused.

The collaboration was rewarded with an amazing achievement: Bicycling Magazine Travel Award - Best Hidden Europe Category with Friuli and Slovenia.


Beppe and Dylan started two travel brands each with very specific visions and audiences in mind. "Plus" means offering more to their clientele through collaboration. Here are the tours:

Provence, Les Plus Beaux Villages Cycling Tour

Puglia and Matera Cycling Tour

Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia Cycling Tour