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COVID-19 in Italy in Fall 2022: Masking requirements drop and isolation period shortens.

UPDATE Oct 1, 2022

As of Oct 1 the requirement to wear masks on public transport has been lifted. As of Sept 1 isolation period following a postive test has been shortened.

We still encourage everyone to purchase travel insurance that will cover the expenses of a positive covid test should you experience syptoms or get sick while overseas.

[Continue reading the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation in Italy on our UPDATES PAGE.]

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Highly recommended! Thought we were going on just a cycling trip but it was SO MUCH MORE!! The guides are phenomenal, visited amazing places that we would never have discovered ourselves, spent time with great people and ate amazing food. Thank you Tourissimo.

Karen A. Puglia and Matera Bike Tour

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This tour was a great way for me to be introduced to cycling, while also challenging myself. I loved the integration of food/ cycling for this tour as it allowed me to be more immersed in the culture and more immersed in the views. I saw the country in a different lens (due to the cycling aspect) and I will certainly do this again!

You guys did an amazing job planning. I felt like I didn't have to lift a finger with my luggage, my bikes, etc... The food was INCREDIBLE. I am so happy to have eaten at so many awesome places that I would not have been able to find on my own.

Emily Law Chef Bike Tour Emilia

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