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A Message from the Founders

Cultural active travel opens the door for happier, healthier, wiser travelers. It facilitates new relationships and friendships, and a better understanding of oneself both mentally and physically. In Italy, you’ll be exposed to a culture that is rooted in some basic, timeless principles: family and relationships, quality of food and food as a social glue, a sense of beauty and a taste for design, and respect for tradition and history.

Tourissimo has been flourishing by sticking to two simple principles: don't chase the market but stick to what you do best, and honor the time, money, and trust that guests grant us by always offering the best possible tour experience. It would be tempting to cut corners, but we don’t.

What we do is design and operate cultural active vacations in Italy for small groups of travelers. It’s about you, not the market, not the trends, not the margins.

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The tour exceeded my expectations. When Beppe and I discussed the tour almost 2 years ago and discussed the various elements we wanted in the tour: gravel roads in Tuscany, riding with with friends, wine tasting great food, hot springs, flexibility in riding capacity it was all in there.

Henry van den Broak Tuscany

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This tour was a great way for me to be introduced to cycling, while also challenging myself. I loved the integration of food/ cycling for this tour as it allowed me to be more immersed in the culture and more immersed in the views. I saw the country in a different lens (due to the cycling aspect) and I will certainly do this again!

You guys did an amazing job planning. I felt like I didn't have to lift a finger with my luggage, my bikes, etc... The food was INCREDIBLE. I am so happy to have eaten at so many awesome places that I would not have been able to find on my own.

Emily Law Chef Bike Tour Emilia

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