Magnifica Cycling Tours and Hiking Tours in Italy

You can join one of the classic Magnifica tours or several new itineraries such as the ones in Tuscany, in part to honor our collaboration with Dream of Italy, and in Eastern Sicily, a multi-sport adventure that is great for groups of friends and family. In the Veneto region, we have created a bike tour around the areas of Grappa and Prosecco (new for 2022). 

Cinque Terre Hiking - one of our best sellers - visits the iconic seaside villages and takes you off-the-beaten-path and away from the crowds. There are many memorable food and wine experiences and plenty of great views.

Lake Garda to Venice Lagoon Cycling, which debuted in 2019, is a tour for all cycling abilities that takes you from the lakes to the sea. 




Our Western Sicily bike Tour is a flavorful journey that will showcase the western part of the region with its many gems including Palermo, the Greek ruins of Selinunte, and Favignana (the main of the Egadi islands). If you are a "foodie" this tour will certainly satisfy your palate. 

Tuscany starts in the hilltop town of Cortona, made famous in France Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun, and only gets better from there.

We now offer a multi-sport program called Eastern Sicily and Aeolean Islands. This one is special and one that you don't want to miss if you've always wanted to discover Sicily. 


NEW: Magnifica Mini Bike Tours

We've been hard at work on a new spin of our Magnifica programs. 2020 marked 5 years of those tours (2016-2020) and we felt that it was time for something new.

We've created 3 new bike tours that are shorter (5 nights, 6 days), we're offering them at a lower price point, and we've packed them with all of the Magnifica amenities.

Here they are:

Friuli and Slovenia Mini - This bike tour of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy) and Slovenia is a spinoff of our award winning Friuli and Slovenia Plus. Two countries in one trip in a corner of Europe that is a gem waiting to be discovered by bike.

Piedmont Mini (Hills of Barolo) - The bike tour of Piedmont Barolo Magnifica is a short exploration of Tourissimo's co-founder's backyard: the wine country of the northern Italian region of Piedmont. It's an unparalleled program in terms of amazing scenic riding and fine wine and food. 

Tuscany Mini - We could not leave out Tuscany when we expanded the Magnifica tour lineup. Chianti and Brunello wine regions as well as Siena should certainly ring a bell but we cannot wait to show you how we've connected the classic highlights via secondary country roads and even some 'strade bianche' (the iconic unpaved roads).




Grappa and Prosecco Magnifica

Also new for 2022, this bike tour in the Veneto region has been in the works for several years and we couldn't wait to bring it to life. Take it as an authentic discovery of the territory that brings to us two iconic Italian beverages: grappa spirit and prosecco wine. Check out Grappa and Prosecco bike tour



Amalfi and Capri Magnifica hiking - On the hiking side of things, you can join the Amalfi and Capri tour, back after a short break. It is a stunning tour that we've been refining and that boasts the beauty of an area that is literally a true paradise.  

Tuscany Magnifica hiking - You've been asking for this one and there it is. You'll walk at a leisurely pace among vineyards, walled medieval hamlets, country churches, and abbeys. Those rolling hills will mesmerize you. 

Barolo Magnifica hiking - The hills in the Alba and Barolo area present the best opportunity for a trip that alternates peaceful hikes among vineyards and unrivaled food and wine. Trust us, it will be a special time. 

Other Magnifica tours are still available for group bookings and custom dates, upon request. Contact us to discuss tour options and what program would be best for your group. 

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Why the special edition Magnifica tours?

Magnifica tours are about celebrating - with you - our passion for designing cultural active vacations and Italy. 

What is a Magnifica tour?

It’s a specially crafted tour that we envisioned, designed and will lead on few specific dates only, for a limited group of people. 

What is included on a Magnifica tour?

When you take a Magnifica tour you hardly have any extra expenses. Magnifica tours include all accommodations, transportation from and to the airport, all meals including wine, and much more.

When will they go?

Check the tour web pages for dates or go to the tour calendar. The seasonality of the tours is not casual: we wanted to be in a region when, based on our experience, it has the best to offer. 

Who will the guides be?

Tourissimo senior guides will be your tour leaders along with other guides based on the region we travel to. 

How do I choose a tour?

Choosing the Right Tour

I was really impressed with every aspect of the tour. Really loved it. Federica was marvelous. Polite, fun, organized and thoughtful.

Michele Stapleton Cinque Terre Hiking Tour

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What an awesome dream-come-true experience this was. I do not think I've ever been on a tour with so much offered and such a high level of service. The type of service where the owner of the company actually gets up at 4:30 in the morning to make sure your taxi shows up on time.

John Lewandowski Sicily Magnifica Cycling Tour

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