Active family vacations builds lifelong memories, and lays the foundation for better, closer relationships. 

The anxiety of being the decision maker/s can ruin the parent’s vacation. Going with a travel company will give parents stress-free planning and peace of mind. The destination and activities are known and tested; the tour leaders will take care of the boys and girls allowing time for the adults to step back every now and then.

Italy boasts an incredible historical heritage, great food, and a friendly attitude. Tourissimo can design an active travel vacation for your summer gateway that includes incredible Roman ruins and volcanoes, warm Mediterranean water, food that the whole family will enjoy and much more.

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This was such a well organized and rewarding adventure. I really appreciated the small things such as loading up GPX routes. I like the fact that we mainly rode from town to town, instead of driving. The routes and selection of stops were always top-notch. Is there a better tour than this one? I don't believe I could express the level of gratitude I have for being offered such a wonderful experience.

Aaron Lazar Dolomites

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