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Explore and savor a true paradise with breathtaking views at a leisurely pace.

There’s no other place in the world as magical as the Amalfi Coast and its satellite island of Capri. Our Magnifica Tour will take you to this paradise on earth. The scent of its lemon groves and flowers, the light breeze of the Mediterranean Sea, the lush shady woods and the unique towns perched on the cliff slopes will bind you to this corner of southern Italy, much like the mythical Sirens’ singing enchanted Ulysses’ sailors in Homer’s masterpiece, Odyssey.

Our tour starts on the Island of Capri, a mecca for fashionable people and artists looking for a quiet place to live, and also a window to showcase their creations to visitors who come from all over the world. We will visit Anacapri, a lesser-known part of the island, and discover its beautiful nature and views of the Amalfi Coast. The famous piazzetta, the little square in the center of Capri, will be the setting for an aperitivo, an Italian-style pre-dinner drink, with local appetizers and people watching! A boat ride to Amalfi will take us to the mainland for the second half of the tour. Amalfi was one of the Maritime Republics and a powerful trading port in the Middle Ages. Today it’s a lively little town whose inhabitants are welcoming and possess a contagious, positive attitude. We’ll tour the town, but also walk away from the crowds to immerse ourselves in a lush vegetation of lemon trees, vegetable gardens, flowers and mediterranean bushes and trees. We’ll get up close to centuries-old grapevines and meet their caretakers, and we’ll enjoy some of the most coveted views of the coast from the stunning town of Ravello. We could not end our tour in a better place than Positano, a nativity-scene-like town where getting lost in its maze of alleys will be an unforgettable experience. 

Not sure if you can do it? Contact us to schedule a call about how demanding the hikes are.


  • Capri – Faraglioni, Piazzetta and Villa Jovis
  • Anacapri, a lesser-known hiking paradise on Capri that is uncrowded and beautiful
  • Ravello – Villa Cimbrone gardens and terrace
  • Visit to a local wine producer and tasting of autochthonous varieties
  • Guided tour of Amalfi's hidden streets and alleyways
  • Il Sentiero degli Dei (the Path of the Gods) hiking trail
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites: Positano, Amalfi’s old town and the Amalfi Coast
  • Visit to a lemon grove and Limoncello making demo in Amalfi
  • The Mediterranean Diet and regional specialties, such as pizza and mozzarella

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USD 4,995

Private room (single supplement) USD 495


7 days (6 nights)



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Customize this trip Amalfi and Capri
The entire team catered to each of our needs and ensured everyone had a good time. Your keen awareness of how the tour is going and making the necessary adjustments shows your passion in making sure we have the best experience.

Dennis Capili Bike Tour of Sicily

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Day by Day

[fa icon="plus"] Day 1

Capri - 1 to 2 hr - Flat

After a boat ride from the mainland to Marina Grande, the main dock in Capri,  a taxi will take you to the hotel for a light lunch and tour overview.

In the afternoon you can enjoy a warmup walk on the paved streets of Capri to the Faraglioni, gigantic coastal rocks formed by erosion from sea waves. Enjoy the sunset over the Faraglioni and the Capri coastline before heading back to the piazzetta for our first aperitivo and a toast to the beauty of Capri.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 2

Anacapri - 2.5 - 3 hrs - Hilly

After breakfast we have a private transfer to the town of Anacapri on the opposite side of the island. An easy path will lead us to the top of Monte Solaro (the highest point on the island) in about an hour. Once at the top we will enjoy panoramic views of the island that include Marina Grande and Marina Piccola (the two ports), the Faraglioni, and Villa Jovis on the top of a cliff. On a sunny day, views extend to Naples and to Mt. Vesuvius. You can walk back down or take a chairlift right to the center of town where we can have lunch. Shopping time is mandatory in Anacapri: try on the Capresi sandals that are handmade by craftsmen following traditional methods, and visit a legendary perfumer. Linger in Anacapri for more shopping or to visit some of its old palaces (such as Villa San Michele) and take a taxi back to the hotel, or if you are in the mood for more walking there is (steep) path down the steps of the Phoenician Staircase that will take you back to Capri in 1.5-2 hours. This is an old path that was used by the islanders before the road was built.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 3

Capri - 3 hrs - Rolling

This morning we will walk to Villa Jovis, one of Tiberius’ villas, in about 1.5 hrs. This is a great opportunity to see how good the ancient Romans were in constructing their noble mansions. They also created a precursor to the modern spa, the thermal baths, remains of which you can still admire at this villa. Our lunch stop will be on the way back to the center of Capri and in the afternoon we can take another short walk to visit the Augustus Gardens or spend some time shopping in Capri and relax before dinner.

Private boat ride to the Blue Grotto (weather permitting). This is the most famous sight on Capri, where visitors from around the world form long lines to get a peek inside for just a few magical moments. This natural cavern is 82 ft (25 meters) wide and 197 ft (60 meters) long, with a tiny entrance less than three ft (one meter). To enter, visitors lay back in wooden rowboats and glide through the low mouth of the cave. Once inside, the boats bob in the dark, suspended on the surface of water so blue that it seems dreamlike. 


[fa icon="plus"] Day 4

Amalfi - 2.5 - 3 hrs - Hilly

Leaving Capri is never easy but we can look ahead from the jet boat and see our next destination: Amalfi. We will not regret this transfer to the mainland since Amalfi will welcome us with its lively port and square, and streets full of small shops and coffee bars.

We’ll begin our hike right away, taking the Via delle Cartiere right from town, then up 750 steps to make it to Pontone. Your hard work is rewarded upon arrival in this town, one of the prettiest on the Amalfi Coast, with a stop for a coffee and some lemon treats in the charming piazza. We’ll then wind our way through town enjoying stunning views of the coast before descending down through the Valle delle Ferriere and back into Amalfi.

The Amalfi Coast is famous for its lemons, which are larger and sweeter than a typical lemon (you can even eat the peel!), and we’ll stop for lunch at a family-run lemon grove and learn about their farming traditions. This is all capped off with a taste of limoncello and a demonstration of how to make this famous digestivo.

We’ll meet up later in the day to explore Amalfi’s hidden streets and alleyways with a local guide before dinner in a prime location overlooking the piazza. Amalfi was once a maritime power, trading grain from its neighbors, salt from Sardinia and slaves from the interior, and even timber, in exchange for the gold dinars minted in Egypt and Syria, in order to buy the Byzantine silks that it resold in the West. 

[fa icon="plus"] Day 5

Ravello and Tramonti - 3.5 hrs - Hilly

The day starts early with a transfer to Ravello. We’ll explore the town and tour the amazing park of Villa Cimbrone, which boasts one of the best views in all of the Amalfi Coast.

Today’s hike takes us inland to an Amalfi Coast that you probably haven’t imagined, but that is filled with agricultural history (which means food and wine). We’ll take a secondary path and enter the Tramonti Valley, which is  now considered the wine production capital of the area and is also a hiker’s paradise, with an interesting network of trails from the mountains that connect the 13 hamlets of which Tramonti is comprised. Our hike will take us to a winery that prides itself on having pre-phylloxera vines that are over 250 years old. Lunch will be an unforgettable experience where we pair local delicacies with autochthonous grapes, a dive into the true essence of the Mediterranean Diet.

Back in Amalfi you’ll have some free time before dinner. We highly suggest a visit to the old mill and paper museum where you can learn about the traditional way of making paper and why it was important to this area.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 6

Amalfi - Positano "Sentiero degli Dei" - 3 hrs - Rolling

A private transfer will take us to the town of Bomerano, near Agerola, where our hike starts. We will walk to Positano today, following the famous Sentiero degli Dei (The Path of the Gods) to Nocelle, just above Positano. The 4.8 mile  (7.8 km) path is about 3 hours and has stunning views.

Our lunch will be a picnic outside of Nocelle at a family-run villa just off of the trail where we can admire the view in a peaceful setting while enjoying a freshly-squeezed lemon juice.

After lunch we’ll reach the center of Positano via private transfer where you will have to to explore the narrow, winding alleyways of Positano that house shops and cafes. Gather with your guides on Spiaggia Grande before taking a private boat back to Amalfi along the coast. Our final dinner together will be a special event at one of Amalfi’s best restaurants.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 7

After breakfast, a shuttle will take you to Naples airport or to another destination according to your travel plans.


What's Included

Upon request and free of charge, you can use our Ferrino Mustang light aluminum alloy walking poles (highly recommended). 

Ferrino walking poles

• One or two professional tour guides throughout the program
• All accommodations in 4-star hotels 
• All breakfasts, all lunches, and all dinners
• Wine and beer with meals, coffee, cappuccino, and gelato stops
• Private cooking class
Logistical support during the tour and luggage transfer
• Shuttle at the beginning and at the end of the tour and boat rides
• All activities mentioned in the day-by-day description
• Airfare
• Pre-tour hotel stays and post-tour hotel stays
• Personal expenses such as laundry and cell phone
• Guide gratuity
• Optional tour extension


Hotel Gatto Bianco Capri


Hotel Residence Amalfi web




More Info

Food and Wine

The Amalfi coast, Positano and Capri have a well-deserved reputation for great food. When there, you will find yourself eating more slowly, savoring for example the vivid taste of San Marzano tomatoes (Slow Food presidium) just off the vine served with fresh mozzarella. Yes, we are in the birthplace of Caprese salad. Amalfi coast is the land of lemons. The enormous and intensely aromatic sfusato di Amalfi lemons are used to prepare Limoncello liqueur and to cook some traditional dishes and sweets. Slow Food recognized and protects the biodiversity of the sfusato lemon: “It is something more than a simple cultivation. It is at least from three centuries the engine of the local agriculture.” Fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea is not to be missed in a meal. For thousands of years the villagers have specialized in catching and preserving anchovies. They make a wonderful anchovy essence, a little like an anchovy pesto, by pressing the fish. It's absolutely delicious on hot spaghetti. The anchovies from this area boast two Slow Food presidia status. The perfect climate and the influence of the salty seawater give vegetables like tomatoes, artichokes and eggplants a sweet taste. 

From this unique land come unique wines. In fact harmony, complexity and uniqueness are the terms which best describe the Amalfi Coast and…its wine. The production territory extends from Positano as far as Vietri sul Mare, along the terraces facing the sea, where the perfume of citrus fruits and Mediterranean flora mix with the smell of the sea, the mists of the mountains and the woods condensing first of all in vats and then in glasses, in wines of great class. The vines climb the walls, grow horizontally, peep out from the rocks, run along stones and earth in a way which is both extreme and heroic. The vines are often real secular giants with a thousand arms, from which golden bunches of grapes hang; grapes of shapes, colors and aromas which are impossible to find in other areas, as they are expressions of varieties cultivated exclusively on the Amalfi Coast. This represents a further fascinating element of the strength of the vines and wine culture of the Divine Coast. Alongside Biancolella (a vine which grows near the sea, present only on the Coast, Ischia, Capri and Procida), Falanghina, Per e' Palummo and Aglianico (the top grape of varieties typical of Campania) there are other vines which make up the DOC certification such as Pepella, Fenile, Ginestra, Tintore, all of which further contribute to the exclusiveness of these coastal wines.

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