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Here are the most frequently asked questions.


How do I contact Tourissimo?

You can contact Tourissimo by filling out the forms on the website. You can also call us in the US at +1 (857) 997-0051 and in Europe at +39 (339) 333-7877. 

Do you have a printed brochure?

We don't print any brochures because we are trying to be as paperless as we can, and because we often update information on the website that would make a printed brochure obsolete. Bookmark our home page and come back to check out new tours and dates, and any changes to the tour programs. You can find the most up-to-date schedule of tours on our Tour Calendar page.

How do I book a tour?

For many of our scheduled tours on our tour calendar, you can book right from the tour page. (orange button/s). 

To book any other tour, such as a tour for a private group, contact us.


  • Fill out the simple booking request form
  • Enter how many people are interested and the tour of your choice


  • Pay the deposit (10% for 2023 and 15% for 2024).
  • Consider the purchase of travel insurance
  • Complete an online form where you will enter your information and preferences


  • Book your flights to the and from the destination (airports are indicated in the tour description)
  • Decide your pre and post tour travel plans, and book any additional hotel nights as needed
  • Check you passport expiration date
  • Pay the final balance (90 days prior)
  • 30 days before departure, receive final information, meet and greet details, and hotel list and contacts 

Where do I find the tour price?

The tour price is indicated on the tour page and on the tour summary pdf (USD). Let us know if you wish to pay in Euros.

How do I pay?

The deposit can be paid online via credit card (Tourissimo does not see or store credit card info), by bank wire transfer, and by check. 

 Payments are as follows:

  • At booking 10% (15% for 2024 tour);
  • Balance due 90 days prior to departure.

90 days before your scheduled departure, you will be reminded to pay the balance. If you book within 90 days of departure, you shall pay in full. 

Is a payment plan available?

If you prefer, you can opt for a payment plan and charge your credit card in installments (monthly, for instance). Let us know at time of booking. A 2.7% payment plan processing fee applies.

Do I have to share a room if I travel solo?

You can travel solo of course and there is no need to share a room. Tours are priced for double occupancy, and to have a private room it is customary to pay a surcharge. 

How much is a private room surcharge? 

You will find the amount on each tour webpage. For most 2023 tours it's $ 495.

Can you find me someone willing to share a room?

We charge more to individual travelers who wish to ensure that they have private rooms throughout a tour. If you notify us at the time of booking that you are willing to share a room, we will try our best to fulfill this request. In the event that we are unable to find a roommate, the solo guest will be liable to pay the private room charge.

How are the hotels?

Hotels on Magnifica and Chef tour programs are normally 4 and 5 star. Magnifica Mini programs might have three star hotels. 

Hotels on Plus tour programs are normally 3 and 4 star.

Hotel standards can vary from region to region and in certain areas there are just not many hotels to choose from. Each one is hand picked and inspected every year. We've built great relationships with them so that they can make our guests feel welcomed and at ease.  

What's included in the cost of a tour?

You will find a list of inclusions on each tour page.

Can we choose our own dates?

In most cases, yes. We can not guarantee availability of the same hotels and services so be sure to book well in advance.

Contact us for more info.

Special note for Chef Tours:

Chef Tours are special edition tours that are planned with chefs well in advance, so custom dates with the featured chefs are not available. However, we can still run the same itinerary for your group and with enough advance planning we can book a chef to accompany your private group.

How big are the groups?

Most tours will have a maximum of 16 guests.

Select Magnifica Tours will have a maximum of 12 guests. Hiking tours are generally even smaller. 

Chef Bike Tours will have a maximum of 14 guests.

Is my tour confirmed?

We confirm our fixed-departure tours once two travelers have committed. We can run your trip with just two people. Sometimes, guests prefer to be part of a group and for that reason we offer you the option to transfer to any trip and to earn a $250 credit per guest.
We'll contact you well in advance and give you the option.

How soon do I have to book?

You can book as soon as you see tour dates online. Typically, travelers book 6 to 12 months before departure. That will give them plenty of time to get organized and to shop for the best airfares. You can book a tour as late as 30 days before, if there is room available. Also, we release hotel rooms as the departure date approaches and late bookings (within 90 days) might have to stay at different hotels. 

Can I read the Terms and Conditions?

Yes, you can read them here.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please refer to the the Terms and Conditions page.

Can I read the privacy policy?

Please refer to Privacy Policy and Data Protections page.



Do I need a visa?

You don't need a visa if you are a citizen of a country that adheres to the visa waiver program (such as US and Canada). You need a valid passport with expiration date 90 days beyond your entry date. 

Read this blog on the Visa Waiver Program. Changes are expected by the end of 2022 and once we know more we will update the blog.

How do I choose the right tour?

Choosing the right tour comes down to several aspects including experience and expectations. We've created a specific page to answer that question; click here.

Am I going to be able to physically do it?

You’re the only one who can answer that question. But is that the right question to ask? The active part is only one component of the vacation. You should be prepared, and motivated to challenge yourself at times. And do not hesitate to contact us. We have enough experience to give you some sound advice.  

I am a beginner. How do I train for a bike tour?

Well, you could download our Get Ready for a Bike Tour Guide (free). Join a riding club or find someone that has more experience that you do and that can coach you. Don't rely solely on spin classes and stationary trainer. And remember, you are about to embark on an awesome life changing adventure! Make it fun!

 Also, read more here about our electric assist option. 

Do I need travel insurance?

Tourissimo encourages the purchase of travel insurance, which may cover the expenses associated with trip cancellation should you need to cancel your trip, or should your trip be interrupted. Click here for our recommendation.

Can you help with my travel arrangements? 

Yes, we can. However, we are not a travel agency, and we can only advise you on the best way to arrive and depart. Please rely on your travel agent for bookings.  

Once you book a tour we can assist with pre-and post-tour hotel reservations. We usually can not compete with prices you will find on online booking sites. The value you get with booking through us is in personalized service and assistance. We work with the hotels so if there are issues you are not left to deal with it yourself. If you book extra nights for the first or last hotels of the tour through us, we can usually guarantee you the same room you will have on tour. This does not always happen if you book online through a third party site.

Also, whenever we can we work with small, family-run hotels and ensure that more of your money goes directly to them.

Which airport do I need to flight in and out?

Airports will be indicated in the Tour Summary with indication of the IATA airport code. We will indicate the best airport option and the one where the tour leader will meet the group. 

What if participants have different fitness level?

We run most of our tours with relatively small groups. This  allows us to accommodate different ability levels by offering optional extra rides and some shortcuts on many days. We also offer E-bikes that level the playing field and that won't make you feel like you must skip a ride because it’s too hilly.

On walking tours, we take many stops so that we can rest and hydrate. The pace is leisurely. 

Our experienced guides will be able to read the group and adjust accordingly. They will emphasize that no one should worry about other people's pace. We all start and end together and there are no medals for the fastest ones! 

Do I have to read and sign lots of paperwork?

Hardly. You will have to electronically sign a risk acknowledgement form. 

You will have to complete a booking form (online) with your data and preferences. You can visit our Trip Preparation page to learn more about the info we collect and why.

Do I need to bring my own bicycle?

Bikes are included on most tours (unless otherwise specified). 

What kind of bicycles do you provide?

Please refer to Equipment.

Do you provide E-bikes?

Yes, we do. Please refer to Equipment.

I would like to know more details about the rides. Can you provide them?

Some basic information about the rides/hikes is indicated in the tour summaries. Also, you can talk to a tour manager to get a better understanding of the rides/hikes. If you rely heavily on GPS data, we can send you a sample file to analyze (the full library of GPS tracks will be available with your full payment). 

What is the weather going to be like?

In the tour description, you will find information about average temperatures and precipitation probability. 

We rely on https://weatherspark.com/ to analyze data including 10 year averages. 


On Tour 

What kind of support will we get during the tour?

You get full support in many forms. Lost luggage, hotel issues, a trip to the pharmacy. Over the years, we have dealt with many kinds of emergencies and setbacks. Rely on your guides for guidance and problem solving. They are there for you and they are always willing to help. You will have a 24/7 emergency phone number at hand before you leave home. You will also have your guide's contacts. From the moment you are picked up at the airport, you will be in good, experienced hands. 

What kind of support will we get during the rides?

With a typical guide team consisting of one guide on a bike during the day’s route and another sweeping back and forth in the van, you will get full support. The van carries water and electrolytes, food, and spare parts. And spare seats! Guides are mechanically savvy and they can fix a flat and put you back on the road in little time. 

How much riding will there be in a day?

Please refer to the Tour Level page or contact us.

Will my bike fit properly?

Your bike will be of the right size for the height you indicated. The guides will fine tune the fitting on the first day. Feel free to add any bike fitting info in the booking form. 

Interested in some bike fitting tips? Click here

Can I ride more/less?

On most days there will be more than one option. You can add some extra miles or ride only for part of the day. 

Where will I meet the guides and the rest of the group?

You will be greeted by a tour leader at the airport. We will let you know at what time the transfer will happen and the meeting point. Since guests might land on different flights, or make it to the airport from different places, Tourissimo will take into consideration everyone's flight schedule to optimize logistics while minimizing guests' wait time. If you need to be picked up somewhere else, we can arrange that, too (additional cost). 

What do I need to pack?

We have put together a great guide that you can download here.

Who are the guides?

On Chef Tours and Magnifica tours we rely on experienced, local guides. These senior guides are also the tour designers. They know the region like the back of their hand and they have a great network of contacts. Among them, Beppe Salerno (founder), Federica Luppi (senior guide and tour designer). Other tour leaders will join the guiding teams as needed; as the schedule takes shape, we will post the actual guides for each departure. They will be assisted by some guide-hosts such as Giuseppe, from Palermo, in Sicily, Denise - winemaker in La Morra - in Piedmont.

On Plus Tours we rely on experienced, local guides from both Tourissimo and Ride & Seek. These senior guides are also the tour designers. They know the region like the back of their hand and they have a great network of contacts. Other tour leaders will join the guiding teams as needed; as the schedule takes shape, we will post the actual guides for each departure. 

Who are the Chefs?

Chef Tours will feature at least one well-known American chef.  Please refer to specific tour itineraries for more information.

Who are the other participants?

On Magnifica Tours and  Plus Tours you can expect 60% couples ages 40 to 60 and solo travelers for the remaining 40%. In general, they travel internationally on a yearly basis and they are in love with the idea of cycling in Italy. They like to be engaged and they are curious about the cultural aspects of the places they visit. They are outdoor lovers and they don't count their calories on vacation. They keep fit but they are not in a rush. 65% will be returning guests or referred friends.  

Chef Tours attract fun people who love food and wine and are interested in where it comes from.  They want to learn about the cuisine of a certain region not just from restaurants, but from the land and the producers who bring the food to the plate.  They like to be engaged and they are curious about the cultural aspects of the places they visit. They are as much outdoor lovers as they are Michelin-star restaurant lovers. They keep fit but they are not in a rush.

How much should I tip my guides?

Gratuities are not included in your trip price. Please tip your guides at your own discretion, based on their level of professionalism, and on the level of service and care that you received. Industry standard is 5-10% of your trip price per guest. Local currency is preferred. Typically, on the last day, guides receive gratuities and a thank you note as a tangible sign of appreciation for their exceptional work.  Read our Tipping Blog for more info.


New to bike touring? Read this blog article for more FAQs: Your Top 8 Questions on Group Bike Tours