You did a wonderful job in planning our trip and we loved the biking portion. You make everything run so smoothly that it all appears seamless, yet we know how much work goes into planning and organizing such a big group.

Hildy and Jack Wold Friuli and Slovenia private bike tour

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Beppe Salerno was my guide on a cycling trip through Puglia in Southeastern Italy.

Although I had cycled for many years and ridden in Italy before this was the first commercial trip I had ever taken.  Riding with Beppe was central to the unique experience provided by this trip.

Beppe provided unique insights into Italian life and culture as well as useful commentary on cycling routes and styles.  His knowledge of Italian wines and cuisine transformed the trip from simply a “ride on a bicycle” to a gastronomic adventure. He introduced me to new wines, new dishes and to the people who grew, bottled and prepared them. We discussed history, dialects, regionalisms, music and architecture.

Beppe's skills are many.  Paramount among them, in my opinion, is his ability to motivate people of diverse backgrounds and with widely divergent interests into a cohesive, collaborative group enjoying the company of others while reveling in the delights of a shared ride.

David Nasatir

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This Fall will be our third trip guided by Beppe. For each trip, Beppe has flawlessly planned and executed even the smallest of details. We have found Beppe to be always up-beat, supportive and very intuitive as to the various personalities on the trips.

We cannot imagine doing an Italian trip with anyone else. Our upcoming custom tour is filled with incredible destinations and unique activities.

Cannot wait until September! 

Patty and Brian McConaty

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