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From Verona to the Venetian Lagoon along quiet roads and bike paths

Embark on an extraordinary cycling adventure through the captivating Italian region of Veneto, where the enchanting cities of Verona and Venice await, accompanied by a plethora of fascinating sites and picturesque towns along the way. Immerse yourself in the beauty of northern Italy as you leisurely ride along tranquil bike paths and country roads, surrounded by breathtaking natural wonders and a diverse climate that transitions from alpine to Mediterranean. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the Valpolicella production area, sampling local delicacies and savoring the refined red wines that grace this renowned region. This extraordinary journey promises an abundance of unforgettable experiences and delights that await you at every turn.

Our journey begins with two nights in the romantic city of Verona, where you will undoubtedly be captivated by its culturally-rich city center, overflowing with charm and allure.

As we meander through the Po River Valley, our path will lead us along serene canals, through bountiful fields adorned with orchards and vineyards, and over rolling hills, allowing ample time to pause and uncover hidden gems along our way, such as the idyllic riverside villages of Valeggio sul Mincio and Borghetto.

Our gentle and serene route will take us to the captivating Venetian Lagoon, nestled in an enclosed bay along the Adriatic Sea. While the city of Venice graces its shores, the lagoon holds so much more. Journey to the barrier island of Pellestrina and eventually find your way to the charming town of Chioggia, where meandering canals and authentic character await, far from the bustling crowds.

Embark on this extraordinary adventure, where every moment promises to be an unforgettable experience, immersing you in the rich tapestry of Veneto's beauty and charm.



• Explore Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet and of the Arena 

• Enjoy lunch and a tasting at a local winery

• Visit Borghetto and Arquà Petrarca, both belonging to the “Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” club 

• Ride the Adige River Bike Path

• Overnight in the walled town of Montagnana 

• Savor many gourmet dinners and typical wines 

• Discover underrated Padua 

• Ride the beautiful wine region of Valpolicella 

• Celebrate with a grand finale on the Venetian Lagoon in charming Chioggia



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USD 4,995

Private room (single supplement) USD 695


USD 4,995

Private room (single supplement) USD 695


7 days (6 nights)



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All in all, we had the holiday of a lifetime and wouldn’t hesitate in going on another.

Linda Greenwood Puglia Cycling Tour

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Lake Garda 2023

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Day by Day

[fa icon="plus"] Day 1

Borghetto - Valeggio - Verona - 20 mls - Flat

Tourissimo provides a mid-morning transfer from the Venice airport to the start of the tour. We’ll enjoy a light lunch, make introductions, and go over the details of the cycling week. 

After lunch, there will be a bike fitting and warmup ride from the shores of the Mincio River to Verona. 

Borghetto and Valeggio, our starting point, were founded near an old ford on the Mincio River, less than 6 miles from Lake Garda. Valeggio is renowned for its tortellini. The “Love Knots” (the famous tortellini di Valeggio), strictly homemade with very thin dough and a meat filling, are our main dish for lunch. They are linked to an old legend, which you will learn more about during this memorable lunch. The history of this area is written in the bloody conflicts of the past (it was situated along the Lombard border) and in the fortresses which still dot the countryside. 

The ride leads you to Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, with Renaissance palaces and a Roman arena. Our next activity is a walking tour of Verona with a local guide.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 2

Val Pollicella - 22 mls - Hilly

Val Pollicella is a hilly area that has been famous for growing grapes since ancient Roman days. We’ll take you to discover magnificent hills, characterized by artificial terraces made of stone, where the characteristic vines of the area are grown alongside cherries and olives. The Valpolicella area, defined as "classica,” is the old traditional winemaking area and has fertile soil in a full, lush landscape, and was once described as “The Garden of Verona." A tasting and explanation of Amarone and other famous local wines will be part of today's adventure. 

In the afternoon you will have time to enjoy a stroll through this remarkable Renaissance city, named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000. 

[fa icon="plus"] Day 3

Verona - Montagnana - 28 or 35 mls - Flat

You will leave Verona and ride along the banks of the Adige River. This interesting route, mostly a bike path on hard-packed dirt roads and canal embankments, allows for a relaxing ride surrounded by orchards and vineyards. The Adige River Bike Path is seeing more and more bike tourism, and that has prompted the local administration to further develop the great infrastructure. The Adige is the second longest river in Italy after the Po, rising into the Alps in the province of South Tyrol near the Italian border with Austria and Switzerland, and flowing 410 kilometers through most of northeast Italy to the Adriatic Sea. 

Montagnana, our destination, is a beautiful and peaceful medieval walled city, and its fortifications and walls are well-preserved. In fact, it is said that the medieval walls of Montagnana are some of the best-preserved in Europe. Montagnana was also the birthplace of two of the most famous opera tenors from the 20th century: Giovanni Martinelli and Aureliano Pertile who, interestingly, were both born there in 1885.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 4

Montagnana - Padua -  19 or 36 mls - Rolling

Today’s route reaches Padua after passing through the towns of Este and Arquà Petrarca. The ride is mostly along the banks of canals that surround a sparse group of hills. Arquà Petrarca is on the list of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, and you can visit the small city center on your own before carrying on. A short, optional detour leads to the bikeway that loops around the city walls and touches the Euganei Hills. 

Padua is a city characterized by complex town planning dating back to Roman times but that evolved during the Middle Ages. A stroll to admire the local architectural landmarks and to people watch will lead to our aperitivo spot.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 5

Padua - Abano Terme- 23 mls - Rolling

In the morning you can have some free time but we strongly recommend that you join us for a walking tour that includes cappella degli Scrovegni. The chapel contains a fresco cycle by Giotto completed in 1305 and considered a true masterpiece. After some lunch and a short transfer out of town, we ride through  the scenic Colli Euganei hill country. The goal is to reach the thermal village of Abano Terme where we can spend some time to loosen up and relax. 

For dinner, we make it to the village of Torreglia at a lovely trattoria very much linked to traditional Colli Euganei cuisine and prepared with the best seasonal ingredients. 

[fa icon="plus"] Day 6

Padua - Chioggia - 29 mls - Flat

You will ride through more beautiful landscapes, past regal mansions, following canals and natural reserves until you reach the outskirts of…Venice! Ride around the lagoon and reach Chioggia by ferry. Lunch is planned at a fisherman’s trattoria on Pellestrina, an elongated island that forms a barrier between the southern Venetian Lagoon and the Adriatic Sea. This overlooked “Venetian” site will charm you with colorful houses facing the lagoon, gardens in bloom, and sandy beaches frequented only by the locals. 

Chioggia is situated on a small island at the southern entrance to the Venetian Lagoon (just across from Pellestrina) and it’s a miniature version of Venice, with a few canals and the characteristic narrow streets known as calli. It’s one of our favorite places in the lagoon and we are excited to show you around. We are sure that you won’t miss the Venice crowds as you appreciate Chioggia’s still-authentic charm. Enjoy the sunset, and the fresh seafood and handmade pasta during our celebratory dinner.

[fa icon="plus"] Day 7
After breakfast, unless you are extending your stay, a group transfer will be arranged to the Venice airport. 

Contact us for optional extensions to this tour.


What's Included

Bianchi Intenso Ultegra-105

Bianchi Via Nirone SBianchi Via Nirone S

 • Two professional tour guides throughout the program

• All accommodations in 4 star hotels, and one 3 star hotel

• All breakfasts, all lunches, and five dinners

• Wine and beer with meals, coffee, cappuccino, and gelato stops

• Tastings of wine and local specialties

• Ferry and boat rides

• Logistical support during the tour and luggage transfer

• Guided walking tours of Verona
 and Padua

• Shuttle at the beginning and at the end of the tour

• All activities mentioned in the day-by-day description

• Bianchi bike rental and GPS navigation


• Airfare
• Pre-tour hotel stays and post-tour hotel stays
• Personal expenses such as laundry and cell phone
• Guide gratuity
• Optional tour extension


Hotel Indigo Verona






More Info

Food and Wine

There are not many Italian regions that can boast the territorial variety of Veneto, a richness that is reflected in a long series of typical products, recipes, and aromas of the different facets of this region.
From the Dolomites-influenced Lake Garda to the beaches of the Adriatic coast, from the gentle slopes of the hills of Valpolicella to the fertile plains crossed by rivers, you will get in touch with the different flavors of the region and discover the delicious dishes that come with it. The range of food and wine offered in the Veneto region enhances the pleasure of small things by combining simple and genuine products with new and ancient traditions.
Every province in the region is proud of its delicious specialties and of its famous, quality wine along with a deep love of the earth shared by the people of Veneto. Many fundamental ingredients of the local cuisine are derived from cultural and social factors that have influenced the region over the centuries: potatoes, wheat, corn (an essential element, especially in its most well-known form of polenta), and rice (of which the IGP Vialone Nano Veronese is the most famous). Do not forget the infinite variety of seasonal vegetables, with seven products protected by labels of geographical indication. Main dishes from Lake Garda to the Adriatic Sea are often based on freshwater and saltwater fish and also meat, game or livestock which is boiled, braised, “pan-cooked’” marinated or stuffed. Meat and fish have given rise to some of the most popular Venetian dishes, such as Venetian liver, sardines in sauce, creamed codfish, “polenta and osei.” fried “moeche” and many more. Special mention in the fresh pasta section to the tortellini di Valeggio. It is practically impossible to mention all the delicacies of Veneto, but some in particular should be cited: Asiago and Morlacco del Grappa cheeses, Vicentina soppressa salami, pasta dishes including Bigoli, “pasta e fasioi” and ”rice and peas” and, to finish with a touch of sweetness, two cornerstones of world-known pastry-making: tiramisu and pandoro. In addition to food, Veneto produces some of the most famous wines in the world, including Valpolicella Amarone, Bianco Custoza, Soave Recioto, Torcolato Breganze and Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG.


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