Why Tourissimo

It takes passion, drive and attention to detail to deliver a superior experience to guests. Tourissimo was started with this in mind.

We create active travel vacations in Italy that are full of intense, meaningful experiences for our guests and for our hosts.


We are Italy experts with deep roots in this beautiful country and we want to share our favorite places and people with you, in small groups and at a slow pace by bike or on foot.

We have several decades of combined experience in all facets of the adventure travel industry and we came together to combine our strengths and focus on what we do best: create and operate cycling and hiking tour programs that feature some of Italy's most genuine, welcoming and amazing areas. We know Italy better than anyone else and have designed tours in all 20 regions. 

In addition to offering fixed departure tours, we work with private groups, tour operators and travel agents to provide high-quality, intelligently-designed and exciting custom itineraries all over the country.  We are personally on the ground in Italy throughout the year, and we have deep connections and personal contacts throughout the country.

Our Mission

We don't want to be the biggest adventure travel company. We want to design and run the best tours in Italy.

We strive to be the most authentic and the most beneficial to local communities. 

We take pride in where we are from. We want to highlight the best of what Italy has to offer and provide a truly authentic experience by creating tours that:

  • immerse our guests in the local culture and benefit the local economy,
  • take our guests behind the scenes, away from the crowds and into the heart of Italy, and
  • enrich the lives of not only our guests, but of the people and places they visit.

We strive to provide the best experiences possible that are created around The Tourissimo Experience. We want to build long-lasting relationships with our guests, and with our partners in Italy.