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Choosing the Right Cycling or Hiking Vacation

Beppe Salerno
Posted by Beppe Salerno on Mar 21, 2024 11:45:00 PM

Active travel involves cultural immersion, sometimes unusual levels of physical exertion, or activities you may not have participated in previously. That’s all good and the adventurous you cannot wait! However, it's important to choose the right tour. 


First and foremost, where do you dream of traveling? What are your interests and passions? Active travel companies invest significant effort in crafting exceptional itineraries, understanding that their quality is contingent upon alignment with your preferences.

If you opt for international travel, it is advisable to choose a travel company with a well-established presence in the destination country, rather than one with infrequent or occasional operations. When Tourissimo was founded, we made a deliberate choice to concentrate our efforts on Italy. This decision was grounded in our DNA; it is where we excel and where our strengths lie.


Choose the best cycling tour in Italy



Tour programs are a blend of delectable elements crafted to fulfill the expectations of culturally inclined travelers. Modern travelers seek more than mere observation; they crave immersive experiences. In an ideal scenario, with a meticulously designed and executed itinerary, each day transcends conventional sightseeing.

A noteworthy trend gaining traction is the concept of "localhood" — the desire for tourists to temporarily embrace a destination as locals would. While achieving complete local immersion may be an ambitious goal, it serves as a delightful and enriching way to step outside one's comfort zone, gain a deeper understanding of a culture, and forge meaningful connections with it.

To align with this ethos, we've introduced the tradition of aperitivo on our tours. Indulging in an aperitif the Italian way has the remarkable effect of shifting your perspective towards localhood.



Choose between cycling, hiking, or opt for a dynamic mix with our multi-sport programs. Personally, a vacation devoid of physical activity feels like a missed opportunity. This preference is not merely ideological but grounded in physiology. Engaging in physical activity enhances the overall experience for two key reasons: firstly, it keeps all the senses constantly stimulated, and secondly, it allows you to burn calories, providing the perfect excuse to indulge in the local delicacies and savor the full flavor of the destination.

Learn about the three fitness ability level on Tourissimo's tours.  


Choose the best cycling tour in Italy


Is the perfect tour just a myth?

All that being said, there are moments when you simply have to trust that a biking or hiking tour will unfold smoothly. It's perfectly fine to be open to the unexpected, especially when in the capable hands of a trusted company and experienced local guides. Sometimes, you may find that a tour turns out to be a perfect match, surpassing expectations, even if it doesn't meet every preconceived criterion. The true beauty lies in the unforeseen moments and discoveries that enrich the journey.


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