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Group Size Matters on a Bike Tour

Heather Dowd
Posted by Heather Dowd on Jun 27, 2024 11:45:00 PM
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We get many questions about our bike tours, and recently one question has been coming up more and more: what is our maximum group size? The truth is that it depends on the tour, but on most tours it is 12. 

This made me curious how our max group size compares with our competitors. After doing some research, I discovered that we have some of the smallest group maximums and guide-to-guest ratios among tour operators who offer cycling and hiking tours in Italy.


Tourissimo Group Size

On our Magnifica Tours, the maximum group size is 12. On our Chef Bike Tours, our maximum group size is 14. Sometimes we do go over by one or two under special circumstances, but our average group size for our cyclings tours in 12. 

Our average group size for hiking tours is eight.

On any of our tours, if the group size exceeds 12 we add a third guide.

How do our competitors compare? In December 2023 I researched maximum group sizes for six of our competitors and this is what I found:


 They have one of the smallest maximum group sizes that I found among our competitors at 14.


Maximum Group Size Bike Tours in Italy



Their cycling trips have a maximum of 26 with an average of 18, and their hiking tours have a maximum of 20 with an average of 14. 

Ciclismo Classico 

Their maximum group size is 18 and their average group size is 14. For groups that exceed 18 guests, they add a 3rd guide.

Butterfield & Robinson

Their maximum group size is 16.

Trek Travel

Most of their trips won't exceed 20, but they can go up to 22. Their reserve trips have a maximum of 18. Their average group size is 12-14.

Experience Plus

Their maximum group size is 18, and they occassionally go to 19.


Maximun Group Size Cycling Tours in Italy


As you can see, our maximum group size and guide-to-guest ratio is quite low, which means more of the money you pay is going into your comfort and enjoyment on tour.

For custom and private tours, we can accommodate groups of almost any size, and provide the amount of support that you request. We've worked on tours for as few as one person and as many as 50!

All info was found on the companies' respective websites and was correct as of December 2023. Policies change, and it's always a good idea to do your own research when you're planning a trip and also ask about group size if you're unsure.


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