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Is travel insurance necessary? (Yes, it is.)

Heather Dowd
Posted by Heather Dowd on Mar 7, 2024 12:09:00 PM
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I have an amazing job. I help people experience the trip of a lifetime by bike or on foot in Italy! We're always striving to provide the best experiences for our guests, but some things are out of our control. This is where travel insurance comes in.

I've written about this topic before, but it deserves a revisit as we prepare for a busy travel season.

Travel Insurance

When you sign up for a tour with Tourissimo, we don't require you to purchase travel insurance, but we strongly recommend it. Countless events can unfold between the time you book your tour and your arrival in Italy (or even during the tour or your journey back home) that could potentially disrupt or force the cancellation of your travel plans.

While travel usually proceeds smoothly or with only minor interruptions, you can never predict what might happen. Without travel insurance, you assume that risk.

While we are committed to assisting you within our capabilities, it's important to note that the responsibility for addressing and paying for these situations often lies with individual travelers. Travel insurance serves as a valuable safeguard against unforeseen events, and we recommend its purchase to help manage potential disruptions effectively.

Travel insurance won't give you back the missed time on the tour, but it will reimburse you for expenses incurred due to circumstances covered by your plan.

When Travel Insurance is Needed

Having worked in the travel industry since 2008 and being a traveler myself for even longer, I've encountered numerous situations beyond travelers' control that have disrupted their plans. Here are just a few examples:

Before Travel

  • A volcano erupts, leading to the cancellation of all flights to Europe for nearly a week.
  • A family member passes away.
  • A family member falls ill.
  • A beloved pet falls ill.
  • A pandemic causes travel restrictions and shutdowns.
  • You lose your job.
  • You secure a new job but lack accrued vacation time.
  • Passport or visa issues that prevent you from entering your destination.
  • Unexpected legal matters that require your presence.
  • A sudden change in government travel advisories for your destination.
  • A skiing accident results in a broken leg just weeks before your hiking vacation.
  • The travel company goes out of business.
  • A delightful surprise: You're going to be a grandparent, and the baby is due during your tour!
  • You're asked to be in your best friend's wedding, which coincides with your tour.
  • Discovering the need for a new roof, making the trip unaffordable.
  • Home renovations take longer than expected, preventing you from leaving the house in its current state.
  • You experience a breakup or divorce with your travel companion.

During Travel

  • Your flights face delays or cancellations for various reasons.
  • You miss your flight connection.
  • Your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Your bag containing important documents is lost or stolen.
  • A transportation strike occurs at your destination.
  • A major attraction or site at your destination becomes temporarily closed.

On Tour

  • You fall ill.
  • You have an accident.
  • You require medical attention.
  • Unexpected bad news from home necessitates an early departure from the tour.
  • An emergency arises at work.

In General

  • Natural disasters strike at the tour site, or you encounter a natural disaster at home.
  • Civil or political unrest occurs at the tour site.


It's important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of any travel insurance policy you consider to ensure it meets your specific needs and provides coverage for the risks you are concerned about. There are plans that allow you to cancel your trip for almost any reason, and these will cost more. Other plans will only cover certain medical emergencies. If you have any questions about coverage, contact the insurance provider.

Do you have a story of when you had to use travel insurance, or when you wish you had a travel insurance plan? Share it with us below.

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