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The Climate in Italy

Posted by Marella on Oct 23, 2019 1:00:00 AM

Italy is a peninsula that lies at the center of the Mediterranean Sea and for a long time was considered the center of the world. Although we all know its grand influence at the international level, this strip of land represents only 0.2% of Earth's land area. This area greatly changes in appearance. In fact, it goes from the 4810mt of Mont Blanc in Valle d'Aosta to the 3m and 44cm below sea level in Contane in the Province of Ferrara (Emilia Romagna). These data suggest how many different climates and environments you will be able to experience during your vacation in Italy.

Climate in Italy

In total, six climatic zones have been classified in Italy, each with its specificity: from the cold of the Alps, to the cool and dry Apennines with a lower altitude and suitable for pleasant walks in the summer, to a very humid and sultry climate near the valleys or in the most famous Po Delta Park, the dry heat of the southern coasts and the breezy heat of the major islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Certainly before leaving for a holiday today it is a must to understand what climate we will find in our holiday resort and for Italy it will be even more important to be meticulous because you could move from the cities of art to visiting a farm in the hills or even on a ferry from land to islands.

Climate in Italy

The news we hear on the climate is not the most comforting, and reiterates that we must engage better in every place we find ourselves. At the moment we have to deal with the damage already created and that has altered the temperatures of all the countries very much, therefore we may have to face temperatures that are too hot and above normal, snowfall out of season and frequent rains in periods recognized as dry, all of which have occurred in Italy in the last few years. In short, these days I would not want the job of the meteorologist.

In Italy the first action with the aim of encouraging energy savings refers to both monetary and material savings. In the early 90s the law on the control of central heating systems was introduced, and now here in Italy those who live in a condominium do not have complete control of their heating.


Here's how it works: the period where you can take advantage of the heating system changes depending on the climate where you are and varies from four to six months with an average temperature of 20° (68 F). The time of use starts at 5 am and ends at 11 pm. In the remaining months you will not be able to access the heating system unless there are special permits requested by the mayor. The use of air conditioning, which in Italy is not used at high levels, is at the discretion of individual families.

We mentioned private homes, but even hotels and complexes with centralized systems must comply with this law sometimes creating disappointment for guests. A very recent case dates back to May 2019. May is usually considered a warm month but this year instead in the area of the Romagna coast there were lower temperatures than the average and frequent rains and unfortunately it was not possible to access the heating system.

The current climate system is the perfect representation of how karma works and how much technology can be used to improve the temperatures of public spaces, it cannot be ignored by the excessive exploitation of recent decades and we can no longer keep our eyes closed, so I recommend to all lovers of this 0.2% of emerged land to take an extra sweatshirt, protective cream and always a spare shirt against sweat. In short, be ready for anything, modern Indiana Jones.


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