Each country or group has its own set of code of ethics.

Follow these rules and earn smiles, hugs and high remarks. But violating them won’t paint a pretty picture.

tourissimo_group_travel_etiquette_cover.pngTouring with your buddies or total strangers isn’t an exception.

In this 15-page guide, Tourissimo’s co-founder and Managing Director, Beppe Salerno, lists 7 group travel rules straight from his experience as a 5-year active travel guide.

The advice you’ll receive isn't just theory or opinion. Instead, Beppe personally shares real-life lessons from countless tours and how his team deals with different types of clients.  

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to meet and greet with fellow travel mates
  • How to deal with snorers and binge drinkers
  • The rules behind proper loaning and borrowing of items
  • Etiquette when skipping a meal or a dish

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