Are you planning an active vacation in Italy?

Updated with even more tips and tricks.

tourissimo_intro_active_travel_updated_cover_book.pngOur free guide, “The Ultimate Active Travel Guidebook: 37 Tips To Prepare You For Your Dream Vacation Even With Zero-Knowledge”, is THE perfect companion for your next Italian vacation.

This guidebook is a product of decades in the active travel business. During which we’ve had a fair share of concerns from clients about:

  • What documents to prepare and who should they talk to
  • The best places to go
  • How much to spend before and during your vacation

And we’re sure you have the same concerns as well.

That’s the reason why we’ve made this guidebook so easy-to-follow, even first-time travelers won't have a hard time planning their Italian active travel vacation on their own.

Once you’re done reading this guide, you’ll be more confident when preparing for your active travel vacation.

Unlike other active travel guides, this 28-page guide from Tourissimo features 37 easy-to-digest tips – from arranging your travel documents to practical guides on how to spend your vacation wisely.

Here’s a brief list of what you’ll learn:

  • The different rates of major holiday destinations most travel agencies won’t tell you. This info will make you a lot smarter when planning your dream holiday. (Page 6)
  • Pro tip on how to get in shape before your dream vacation. The same conditioning routine I teach to my special group of clients. (Page 12)
  • How to properly break in your gear for a pain-free, blisterless vacation. Your hands and feet will love you… guaranteed! (Page 12)
  • The right bike shoes for your tour. Why are mountain bike shoes a lot better than road cycling shoes? (Page 12)
  • Find out why packing light is always right and our recommended packing size. (Page 15)
  • Our very own high-energy recipe to keep you on your trail… (Hint: It doesn't involve cooking and you only need 2 ingredients!). (Page 16)
  • Why it is always wise to hold off on exchanging dollars until you arrive at your destination? (Page 17)
  • A super pro-tip on how to beat jet-lag so you can have a stress-free vacation once and for all. (Page 20)
  • Not all duty-free shops offer bargain prices… except for these 6 places that you should be checking out. (Page 24)

Why not download your own guidebook today before your next vacation?

Not only you’ll have an exciting, fun Italian trip, you’ll also save time and money on your holiday.

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