PLUS Tours is a collaboration between 
Tourissimo and our friends at Ride and Seek.  

Ride and Seek is owned by Dylan Reynolds, and he and Beppe first worked together on tour back in 2001. Since then, they’ve both built successful companies that offer cycling tours in Italy.  

While Tourissimo focuses on mostly weeklong cultural cycling trips, Ride and Seek offers epic cycling adventures that follow historic routes in Europe.  

We’ve combined our expertise and strengths to come up with a line of tours that offers the best of both worlds. 

PLUS Tours are weeklong adventures that focus on cycling, history and culture.  They’ll include guides from either company who are experts in the areas where the tours are focused.



NEW! Plus Tour - Tuscany Strade Bianche

Following our successful tours in Puglia and Friuli this tour is another PLUS collaboration between Tourissimo and Ride and Seek. Beppe Salerno and Dylan Reynolds (owners of Tourissimo and Ride and Seek respectively) first worked together back in 2001  when they were both guiding in Italy. Since then they have both built up their own businesses with a similar ethos of immersing guests in the places they visit. The PLUS Tours are week long adventures that focus on cycling, history and culture with the + element aimed at offering more to our clientele through collaboration. They include guides from either company who are experts in the areas where the tours are focused.

In the Tour Description you'll learn that:

  • Tuscany offers the quintessential gravel riding experience

  • Our itinerary ends on the Mediterranean coast

  • It's a fully-supported, guided tour in a lesser-know part of Tuscany

Request the Tuscany Strade Bianche Tour Summary


The tour starts in the Chianti area and via mostly unpaved roads reaches the Val d’Orcia (UNESCO site) first, and then the Tyrrhenian Sea. You will enjoy a flexible schedule and a good balance of physical activity and relaxation with some fun social time. Food will be an integral part of the Tuscan experience as well as thermal spas. We hope you can join us!

Beppe Salerno Co-founder of Tourissimo

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