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 Wine Making Cinque Terre

Let's stay connected with wine!

We started Vinissimo as a way to stay connected during the early days of the pandemic in 2020 and to bring revenue to small wine producers during a challenging year.

We are continuing the program in 2021 because we had so much fun and because there are so many more unusual and exquisite varietals of Italian wine we want to introduce you to. 

We include more than just the wine. You'll receive extensive tasting notes and videos, as well as invitations to live, online events. We know the wines and the wine makers and will help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for what is in your glass.


We want to bring a special piece of Italy to your doorstep!

Our tours in Italy are all about connecting our guests with the people and places that are sustaining Italy's culture and heritage, and one of the ways we do this is by visiting small, local wine producers.

What better way to connect than over a glass (or a case!) of wine?


Some of the varieties will be familiar to you and some will be new.

Italy is blessed with hundreds of native grapes and it's not uncommon for a region to have a wine that other Italians haven't even heard of.  If you're ready to try something unexpected (whether a new grape variety or one you've heard of produced in a different way), this wine club is for you. Come with an open mind. Take heart in the fact that we've tried all of the wines we are sending you and that we are working with small producers who uphold the highest quality standards.


Wine Club

Wines from our Summer 2020 Wine Club Shipment

Why sign up?

  • Wines hand-picked by Tourissimo owners Beppe and Heather
  • Detailed tasting notes and info on the wineries (see an example and some of the info from our Holiday 2020 case HERE)
  • A selection of wines that would be hard (or impossible) to find outside of Italy
  • Live, virtual wine tastings exclusively for subscribers
  • A fair price is paid for the wine and goes directly to the wine makers that cannot compete hard in an online-driven market.

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