Let's use wine to stay connected!

The Genesis of the Tourissimo Wine Club

In the spring of 2020 of our lives changed. At Tourissimo, all of our spring and summer tours were postponed as travel restrictions were put in place and people were confined to their homes.

Our tours in Italy are all about connecting our guests with the people and places that are sustaining Italy's culture and heritage, and one of the ways we do this is by visiting small, local wine producers.

Since you can not come to us, we want to bring a special piece of Italy to your doorstep!

What better way to connect than over a glass (or a case!) of wine?

Why join?

  • Wines hand-picked by Tourissimo owners Beppe and Heather
  • Many of the producers are visited on our tours
  • A selection of wines that would be hard (or impossible) to find outside of Italy.
  • All of the profits from our 2020 shipments will be given as a bonus to our staff and guides.
  • No obligation. Join our mailing list on the right to let us know you're interested. We'll send you more info once it's ready.