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Welcome to the exclusive Magnifica tour list.

For the 2017 tour season, we have put together this specific mini site. All the links in the navigation bar are about Magnifica tours. Enjoy the visit!

Why the special edition Magnifica tours?

Magnifica tours are about celebrating - with you - our passion for designing cultural active vacations and Italy. Go to the why Magnifca page to learn more. 

What is a Magnifica tour?

It’s a specially crafted tour that we envisioned, designed and will lead on few specific dates only, for a limited group of people. Follow this link to hear more. 

What is included on a Magnifica tour?

When you take a Magnifica tour you hardly have any extra expenses. Magnifica tours include all accommodations, transportation from and to the airport, all meals including wine and beer, and much more. Click here to see what's included. 

When will they go?

Please refer to the table below. The seasonality of the tours is not casual: we wanted to be in a region when, based on our experience, it has the best to offer. 

Who will the guides be?

Beppe Salerno, Federica Luppi, and Andrea Marchesini will be the tour leaders along with other guides based on the region we travel to. 

"I recently met the company’s founder, Giuseppe “Beppe” Salerno, and his passion and knowledge of both cycling and Italy was impressive, Salerno partnered with legendary Italian bike manufacturer Bianchi to offer high end rides for all his clients, and does have a few special scheduled trips he leads himself, called Magnifica Tours, but otherwise it is all private and custom."

Larry Olmsted Forbes

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