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5 Most Important Aspects for an Active Family Vacation

Beppe Salerno
Posted by Beppe Salerno on May 3, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Adventure travel and families go great together, but not every adventure tour is suitable for families.

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Here are some important aspects you should look for when choosing a family tour.



Hotels don’t need to be luxurious. But that doesn't mean a luxurious hotel is not right for families with kids. Hotels on family tours should have space, activities, and staff geared towards the whole family.  A pool is also an important feature that can be enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Also, a tour for families should be based at fewer hotels than a regular tour, so the family can unpack and have a “home base.”

Federica, Tourissimo’s tour leader, tour designer and family tour expert, says,  “Staying in one, max two, hotels, better with a swimming pool for afternoon relaxing.”  (see the article where this quote first appeared).

Verdura Resort, in Sicily, is a perfect example of a luxury resort that boasts many amenities for the whole family.


Bikes, helmets and walking gear come in different sizes. Your travel company should offer many options if it caters to families. What I have noticed is that equipment for kids is not used as often but is also not as well-maintained. If you rent bikes, do an inspection with the rental company or guide before wheeling off.

Icebike.org published this very comprehensive article fitting bikes to kids (and it should not be the other way around).

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Each day on a family tour should present new adventures and surprises that are stimulating and engaging. Children’s shorter attention spans require a variety of activities to keep them interested. Multi-sport itineraries are great for families. All of this activity should be balanced with extra down time to rest and nap.

Guides with Family Tour Experience

A well-planned family tour includes time for the family to spend together, as well as time apart for age-appropriate activities. Shared experiences are important for bonding and creating lifelong memories, and are an integral part of a family adventure tour. These should be balanced with alone time for the adults to recharge and reconnect, and for children to explore.

Adults can rely on the guides to safely entertain the kids. Experienced tour leaders will make sure that everything is happily under control while the parents are away. And you can trust your kids to make the most of newfound friends or tour leaders.

Meals and Snacks

A 2013 survey from Choice Hotels and FamilyFun magazine found that 73% of families considered snacks to be the No. 1 way to keep kids happy on a family road trip. Including and having easy access to a mix of snacks, fruit, and treats can help keep things running smoothly. Any travel company support vehicle deserving of such title will have plenty of water and juice boxes.

Trying local foods is an important way to learn about the culture. Tours for families will present new food in a fun, exciting and engaging way that will make even the pickiest eaters want to try new things.

Meal times will be adjusted on family tours, and will most likely be earlier and shorter than on other tours. 

It’s all kind of obvious. But when it comes to packaging a tour program details matter. Tourissimo works with expert tour designers that can spot problems, opportunities, novelties that will make a family vacation special.

Have you been on an active family vacation?  Share your experiences and tips with us.

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