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Gravel Gourmet

Heather Dowd
Posted by Heather Dowd on Jan 25, 2024 11:45:00 PM
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Looking to enhance the fun of gravel riding? How about indulging in a weekend of riding and feasting in one of Italy's renowned food regions? Gravel Gourmet is the answer.

Discover more about this annual event in the heart of Italy's Food Valley, organized by Beppe Salerno from Tourissimo, and eagerly attended by hundreds of participants, mostly from around Italy.


Gravel Gourmet

Gravel Gourmet is a one-of-a-kind cycling tourism event that promises to delight both "gourmands" and gourmets, providing participants with a truly immersive experience that engages all their senses. This enchanting event takes place in the picturesque small towns of the Parma province, known for their rich architectural, historical, and culinary heritage.

Gravel Riding Emilia Romagna

Participants have the option to select from various routes, each enhanced by delectable refreshments—referred to as "snacks" at Gravel Gourmet. Along these routes, local producers, chefs, and tourism offices compete to showcase the best of traditional recipes crafted from local ingredients.

The ambiance at Gravel Gourmet is passionate yet relaxed, creating an ideal setting for cyclists and food enthusiasts to come together and indulge their passions.

Gravel Riding Emilia Romagna


This region of Emilia perfectly blends the influences of the Po River Valley and the Apennines, creating an atmosphere that allows you to truly immerse yourself in the essence of both. With its rolling hills, meandering rivers, majestic castles, and charming villages, this unspoiled land exudes an authentic and welcoming charm that only enhances its natural beauty. It's a captivating destination that will leave you spellbound, especially when exploring it on two wheels.

Gravel Riding Emilia Romagna

Food Valley

Indulge in the exquisite products and cuisine of this region nestled in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, located in the province of Parma. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with renowned PGI and DOP products such as Parmigiano Reggiano and Parma Ham, along with an array of succulent cured meats. And let's not forget the culinary masterpiece of Emilia - fresh pasta, particularly the divine stuffed varieties.

From a wine connoisseur's perspective, the Colli di Parma DOC production is renowned for its distinct vines, including the delightful Lambrusco and the aromatic Malvasia.



Gravel Gourmet offers an array of terrain and surfaces perfectly suited for a thrilling gravel cycling event. Our meticulously designed routes over the course of two days showcase not only stunning architectural wonders but also breathtaking panoramic views. Each segment of the journey reveals the distinctive geographical and environmental characteristics of the area.

Nestled within the parklands region, encompassing the Taro River Park, the Carrega Woods Park, and the Cronovilla WWF oasis, participants will have the privilege of exploring protected sanctuaries that offer invigorating dirt roads and trails. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the routes here.

Gravel Riding Emilia Romagna

Villages and Castles

Emilia is a land rich in villages, fortresses, and castles, with over 50 of them scattered throughout the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, and Reggio Emilia. Gravel Gourmet participants will have the privilege of exploring several of these treasures, including the splendidly preserved Torrechiara Castle, which occasionally emerges majestically above the plains' mist.

Other architectural gems along the route include the Court of Giarola, the Felino Castle, the Sala Baganza Fortress, the villa of masterpieces (Rocca-Magnani Foundation), and the village of San Vitale.

Food Museums

The Parma region boasts a remarkable collection of food museums, a testament to the deep-rooted gastronomic culture here. Within the Unione Pedemontana Parma area—home to Gravel Gourmet—you'll find the Pasta Museum and the Tomato Museum in Corte Giarola (Collecchio), the Felino Salami Museum in Felino, the Ham Museum in Langhirano, and the Wine Museum in Sala Baganza.

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