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The Best Things to Buy When Shopping in Capri

Heather Dowd
Posted by Heather Dowd on Jun 29, 2016 3:30:00 PM
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Capri Shopping


For shopping lovers, Capri is a paradise: designer brands alongside handmade artisan shops line the roads that branch out of the main plaza, all with a backdrop of clear blue waters and dramatic cliffs. Capri has a reputation for being expensive, and strolling around it is easy to see how quickly you could spend all of your money!  


Even someone who hates shopping (like me!) can't resist popping into a few shops. On a recent trip to Capri, I treated myself to some of the items for which Capri is most famous- sandals and perfume.





Capri is world-famous for its handmade sandals, and there is no shortage of stores and styles to choose from. Many are made with leather and are adorned with beads and stones. I window shopped several locations until I found a store that had designs that I liked, the shop of Vincenzo Faiella. Vincenzo's family has been making sandals for generations, and the shop has been around since 1917.

I tried on some samples to find the correct size and picked out the styles and colors I wanted.  Vincenzo helped with the sizing and after I picked out what I wanted he told me to return in a half hour.  



When I returned he had my sandals waiting for me. I tried them on, and he adjusted them to make sure they fit correctly.  Once we had the right fit, he hammered each nail into place by hand. I left wearing a pair and with another pair in a bag!

Vincenzo Faiella doesn't have a website, so you'll have to visit his shop in person: Via Le Botteghe 21.

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The island of Capri smells divine! The abundant flowers that grow all over the island produce scents that enhance the natural beauty. Visitors can take the smell of Capri home with them thanks to  Carthusia. This company has a long history that is also wound up in a legend that dates back to 1380, stating that a prior of the Carthusian Monastery of St. James was unprepared for the arrival of Queen Joan of Anjou to the island Capri and picked a welcome bouquet of the most beautiful flowers on the island for her. After three days of remaining in the same water, the prior went to throw them away and noticed that the water had acquired a beautiful scent. This scent was traced back to the "Garofilium Silvestre Caprese," the wild carnation found on the island.

capri perfume


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Carthusia has four locations on the island and you can go into any of them to sample the "Fiori di Capri," their most famous scent of wild carnations, and many more. In addition to perfumes, there are various other body products available. I left with a bottle of Corallium, an earthy perfume with hints of bergamot, citrus and patchouly.



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