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Travel Reset

Beppe Salerno
Posted by Beppe Salerno on Nov 18, 2022 4:10:29 PM

Travel will never be the same. That's what pretty much everyone agreed on when anticipating the predictable reshaping of the travel sector after the pandemic. What has happened to the "great reset?"

In hindsight, mass travel is very much back to where it was pre-pandemic. Small-group active travel has gained traction and we are witnessing that. We don't think that there has been a "great reset," but we are rather seeing a slow revolution. Let me explain.

Covid Lessons

Seriously, what have we learned from Covid in terms of travel? Hear me out and see if you agree:

  • Don't take travel for granted: oh, no. I clearly remember traveling through empty - major - airports like in post-apocalyptic movies. But it was all for real. Travel is a privilege and a gift.

  • Travel less but travel better: and enjoy it by savoring each moment. Also, cherish the unexpected and the unplanned because travel does not have to be an award-winning documentary. It's life.

  • Find out what's around you: during the pandemic we discovered our own surroundings with short trips and that was enlightening. 

  • Ditch bucket lists: relax and don't stress yourself out with lists of must-do's and must-see's that blind you from simple beauty and spontaneous moments with other humans. It's ok not to Instagram-post every single landmark. 

The outlook for our travel niche, cultural active travel in small and private groups, is as good as it gets in terms of quantity - numbers are up - and quality.

By quality, I mean that travelers have been kind, engaged, and aware. They are kind to other travelers and staff (I think more than they used to be), genuinely engaged with locals and other cultures, aware of their impact, and, therefore, trying to minimize - whenever possible - their footprint. 

We also think that travelers appreciate personal attention (aka being listened to) and a high-touch buying experience more than ever. Travelers can sense and gauge sincerity and passion. I think that our non-salesly approach during Covid has paved our future success by boosting our reputability. We were informative and honest. We were on the ground (in Italy) translating decrees before most travel portals and airline websites. No one can say that we didn't protect their travel money.

I am proud of how we handled those unprecedented circumstances. 


Afar slow travel issue Fall 2022

Longer vacations with loved ones

Afar magazine, in the Journey Issue, Fall 2022, published an article titled "The Future of Trips." When interviewed for the article, Tourissimo highlighted that, "families are booking private departures" for quality time with loved ones. That's worth a vacation in our opinion and it's both a great starting point and all you can wish for if you've learned something from the pandemic: quality time with your loved ones. 

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