COVID-19 Tourism Impact 

Find below our articles and newsletters on how the pandemic spread is affecting travelers and Tourissimo.


Newsletter, June 16th - Phase 3 in Italy

In Italy phase two of the COVID-19 pandemic started between May 18th and May 25th and it corresponded with the start of less strict measures. Since then things have been moving very smoothly towards a gradual reopening and phase THREE.

Because of public pressure and with the nervous ok of the scientific task force, the government even sped up some reopenings initially planned for later in June (gyms, spas and salons, hair dressers).

In the media most of the attention moved from health to economy and to the strenuous negotiations within the EU for grants and/or loans.  Money is there and lots of it. Mr Conte (Italy's Prime Minister) should rightly consider it his win and the negotiation is now about when money can become available because in normal times this would require six months. And of course the argument is that we don’t have six months to just wait to pump money into the economy. [read more]


Newsletter, May 21st - Updates from Italy (COVID and non-COVID)

May 18th marked an important step in the Italian pandemic course.                                                       

This is it, this is Italy entering a real phase two after "phase 1.5" started after the May 4th decree. It’s hasn’t been very long between May 4th and now but there’s been lots of progress. 

As has been the case since the start of the COVID-19 emergency, not all regions are in the same situation. That has caused, along with the different political colors of part of the regional governors – friction between the government led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and some regions. They found a compromise starting last Monday: regions can issue guidelines different than the ones issued centrally, but they are accountable for their decisions. They have to report back their cases and the central government can impose its hierarchy if numbers go over a certain benchmark. To better understand the situation consider that public health is a central government matter but that hospitals are under the regions. We have all learned of Lombardy's disastrous handling of the emergency and the untimely political back-and-forth with Conte. [read more]


Newsletter, April 29th - Update on the COVID-19 Emergency from Italy: Phase Two

There was great trepidation for last weekend's press conference by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Italy has been under lockdown for just over 40 days now and the pandemic curve started to decline about a week ago (not all regions have the same situation). Several decrees spaced over that time were aimed at safeguarding public health and giving a first response to the economic meltdown. As you know, it was all done under emergency circumstances and people understood what they were asked with all its implications.

But that wasn’t the hard part politically. While uncertainty is paramount we cannot just wait and see or hope for the vaccine to be available sooner than possible. The so-called “phase two” or reopening is an incredibly complicated puzzle with lives and the economy at stake. [read more]


Blog article, April 18th - Air Travel and Coronavirus: What Happens Next

We are in the middle of something of historic magnitude. Some things, at least during our lifetimes, will never be the same. There are so many angles for looking at how Covid-19 has impacted and will change travel. I’d like to share my thoughts on air travel, something we’ve taken for granted for decades. [read more]


Newsletter, April 14th - COVID-19 update - Italy Outlook

Italy is fighting an invisible enemy as many others in the world right now. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our habits with little warning and also put the lives of our families and fellow citizens at risk and a strain on the health system. The sad truth is that the virus is taking lives as we write.
We have been waiting to reach out because we wanted to postpone this communication until we saw the epidemic curve in Italy show its decline. We prefer not talking of a “peak” because numbers can always change and they depend on
factors such as timing and number of positive cases found (which does not mean all of the cases). But the trend has finally shown an undeniable decline in the cases hospitalized, intensive care recovering and deaths. The number of new positive cases that need hospitalization is lower than the people recovering. [read more]


Newsletter, March 18th - A Message of Hope

Like many of you, Beppe and I have been in a state of shock as the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds. Our first thoughts are for our family, friends and staff in Italy and we have been in constant contact with them while we remain here in the USA for longer than planned. They are all well and they are adhering to the strict measures in place to slow to rate of spread. [read more]