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Packing for your Chef Tour 

Packing for an active travel vacation creates a situation where you will need enough hiking or cycling gear, and at the same time some nicer (yet easy to pack) clothing.  On Chef Bike Tours we will dine in a variety of restaurants and some tours will include Michelin-starred establishments.  Some restaurants will have a basic dress code that requires men to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.

There are some wonderful wrinkle-free, quick-dry fabrics out there. And some of those technical garments can be unpretentiously dressy too. You are in Italy. Dress accordingly, and don't leave behind your cool shades!

Weather fluctuations can mess up all of your packing plans. You should prepare for rain and less than ideal weather, too. 

Remember that for part of your journey you will have to transport your luggage on trains, and perhaps city center cobblestones and up some stairs. Once you are in the hands of the guides, they will take care of your luggage transporting it from one hotel to the other and even delivering it to your room ready for your arrival. Bags should be tagged (do it at the outbound airport if they are not).

Based on our experience with bike tours, we put together a packing guide that is very comprehensive. Download it and do not hesitate to contact us with questions.  

Download the Packing guide.