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Private Tours, Lifetime Memories (Repost)

Beppe Salerno
Posted by Beppe Salerno on Jun 2, 2023 9:31:58 PM

At Tourissimo most of the tours we run are for private groups. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a group tour with just your friends and family, and why you should go with a small, specialized company.

Private Cycling Tour Italy

At Tourissimo, most of our business is with private groups, and we have the expertise travelers are looking for. Small, specialized travel companies are an excellent choice to help you plan your perfect vacation.

Private Cycling Tour Italy

Why is that? Here are eight good reasons:

  1. A good travel company will deliver exactly what you want.  Fixed departure dates don't work? You can take existing itineraries and make changes, or you can propose something totally new and different. Just make sure that your request does not fall out of the travel company's area of expertise.  At Tourissimo we focus on active travel (cycling, hiking and multisport) in Italy. 

  2. The travel company can work within your budget, including only the things you want and using the level of hotel that you prefer.

  3. A group can be as few as two people, or as many as you want to bring.  With most companies, pricing is tiered and the more people you bring, the bigger the savings per person. Ask your travel company if there's a minimum to run the tour and about any cancellation policies specific for private tours.

    Private Cycling Tour Italy
  4. Small or big? Often, with a smaller tour operator you get more for your money. Tourissimo is a small, boutique operator with much less overhead than the big companies. More of the money you pay goes directly into your tour. 

    Custom tours are the perfect choice for families, friends, alumni groups, corporate incentives and more. Perhaps, in the next few years you’ll be celebrating a graduation or a special birthday or anniversary? Start planning now!

  5. When you book a private tour with a travel company specializing in private and bespoke travel, you’ll get personalized attention, working with the same people from beginning to end (in many cases, a senior person), and not being shuffled from one anonymous office person to the next. Start here to experience how much personal attention you get with Tourissimo. 

    Private Cycling Tour Italy
  6. Work with experienced guides from the area where you will be traveling. You get a truly authentic experience.

  7. The added value of insider access. From an aperitivo with a real princess in her palace in Sicily, to a private tour of one of Italy’s top 10 wine cellars, a tour company with a great network of contacts will include activities not available to most independent travelers.  

    Private Hiking Tour Italy
  8. A good travel company will fit the active portion of the program to you, not the other way around. Are you into road cycling? Want to hike instead? Go on a mountain bike tour? Maybe go birdwatching or river rafting?  What about a yoga retreat? Tourissimo can do all of this and more.  

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