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What happens if it rains during my bike tour?

Heather Dowd
Posted by Heather Dowd on Nov 30, 2023 7:02:00 PM
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Going on a cycling tour through the picturesque landscapes of Italy is a dream come true for many cyclists. To help you have the most enjoyable experience possible, we plan our bike tours to optimize the timing for crowds and favorable weather. While sunny days usually grace our journeys, there are occasions when rain decides to join the party. In some areas, such as in the mountains, weather conditions can change swiftly.

What happens if it rains during your Italian cycling adventure?

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Preparation Is Key

We always recommend checking the extended forecast for the locations you'll visit on your cycling tour in Italy. Packing accordingly is essential, and regardless of the weather outlook, having rain gear on hand is a wise choice. After all, with the right gear, you can still enjoy cycling even in the rain!

Depending on the temperature, there are different ways you should dress for rain.

Warm Weather Riding:

  • Don't overdo the layers in warm conditions.
  • Embrace the rain; remember, your skin is waterproof.
  • Opt for synthetic materials instead of wool and cotton for moisture control.

Mild Temperature Riding:

  • Prioritize keeping your hands and feet dry.
  • In a pinch, surgical gloves and plastic bags can serve as makeshift solutions.
  • Maintain hydration and a steady riding pace.
  • Use a breathable rain jacket judiciously.
  • Skip shower caps over helmets; opt for a comfortable cotton or merino wool cycling cap.
  • Merino jerseys and socks are your allies, helping you stay warm even when wet.

Cold Weather Riding:

  • Invest in proper equipment, including shoe covers, rain tights, a vented rain jacket, full-finger gloves, a balaclava, and a helmet cover.
  • Be mindful of your pace to prevent excessive sweating.
  • Stay well-hydrated.


Riding in the Rain: Safety First

If you'd rather not ride in the rain, no worries; you're welcome to ride in our support van. If you're not changing hotels that day, you might also decide to stay in town to enjoy the hotel amenities or explore on your own.

For those determined to ride, stay alert exercise caution. Wet roads demand heightened vigilance. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and listen closely to your guides' advice and instructions. If you have any questions about handling your bike in the rain—whether it's cornering, braking, descending, accelerating, or anything else—don't hesitate to ask them.

General Rain Riding Tips:

  • Rain alters road conditions significantly; be prepared for varying grip levels.
  • Execute maneuvers smoothly and progressively due to reduced tire traction.
  • Avoid abrupt movements, excessive leaning when cornering, and standing while pedaling.
  • Maintain a safe following distance, and enhance your visibility with lights or bright-colored gear.
  • Rain can lead to debris on the road and increased flat tire risk; periodically inspect your tires and clean your chain.

Your guides will monitor weather reports and provide updates during your evening overview for the next day. If rain occurs overnight, they may conduct early morning route checks. If flooding or other dangerous conditions arise that would make cycling unsafe, they will cancel the ride. Severe storms with lightning and hail in the forecast may also lead to ride cancellations.


Plan B: When the Ride Is Canceled

So, what happens if your planned ride gets canceled? If you're not switching hotels that day, you have the option to take a well-deserved day off to relax or explore. Your guides will also suggest group activities, which might include visits to museums, local artisans, wineries, or other unique experiences depending on your location. Italy offers a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities, ensuring that even when cycling plans are thwarted, you'll still have an unforgettable experience.

With these tips and a dash of flexibility, you can fully enjoy your Italian cycling adventure, rain or shine!

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