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This page will give you a general idea of what to expect on tour with us. Please refer to your detailed itinerary and/or group contract (for private tours) for your tour specifics.

A Typical Day

A Typical Day Part I

A Typical Day Part II


For navigation, we have adopted a great tool specifically for bike tour companies. It's called RidewithGPS Experience. You'll get a link from us. It works on your smart phone - it's a free app - but does not use cell phone data. It works with voice navigation as well as with a map on your smartphone screen similar to Google maps. We'll provide universal mounts to secure your smartphone to the bike handlebar.


All of our accommodation come with breakfast included. As some of you may be aware though the ‘continental’ breakfast is not always the most filling. We try to account for this by keeping plenty of snacks in the van and we plan a minimum of three stops to refuel each day.

In this respect, the van also acts as a mobile café and if there is anything that you are particularly partial to let us know and we’ll try to provide it for you.

On the lunch front much depends on the ride. Please refer to your detailed itinerary for more info.

Dinners will typically be 3 courses with pre-set menus. We try and eat at 7:30 pm to give us plenty of chance to get back to the hotel for our beauty sleep. In some cases, though, this is considered too early in Italy but it is something we still seek to arrange with all the places where we eat. Some dinners will be at the hotels and some out. 


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